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Q&A with The Wild Word

One of the best parts of being a poet is the community.

The Wild Word is an online literary magazine based in Berlin, Germany. Editor in Cheif, Kusi Okamura, and the team have published my poetry several times over the last few years (you can find those poems under the Portfolio section of my website). The first acceptance letter I received from them actually came to my inbox as I was on a trip in Switzerland, which Kusi and I bonded over—especially the sweltering heat that summer!

Every time I submit to The Wild Word now, I look forward to hearing from Kusi, who always remembers me and asks how I am. This time, Kusi and Anu Mahadev (Editor) were kind enough to feature me and my chapbook, Yellowing Photographs, in the Center Stage column of The Wild Word. They selected a few of the poems from my book to feature and asked me about reading, writing, and putting a book together. Click here to see the feature and Q&A with me!

Kusi, I can’t thank you enough for your support!


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